Memorial day 2013 – Freedom is not free

From PAN:   NRA Life of Duty | D-Day Tribute 2013
Added by Bill Bissell, Admin II on June 4, 2013

Published on Jun  3, 2013

NRA Life of Duty presented by Brownells
June 6, 2013 marks the 69th anniversary of “Operation Overlord” – the D-Day invasion where more than 160,000 allied troops landed on a 50-mile stretch of French Coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944. The invasion led to the deaths of more than 9,000 allied forces, but the victory resulted in a significant turning point for Europe’s history. Today, we would like to honor the allied forces that participated in the invasion by sharing a film created by the U.S. Army in 1969. In this film, the drama and battle action of the landing at Normandy is portrayed along with the fierce combat that took place to overcome “Fortress Europe” (compliments of the National Archives).

YouTube – Memorial Day 2013 “Honoring the Fallen”

Click on link to view.

Norm St. Germain: The St. of Gambier Bay – Norm St. Germain was one of 400 seamen aboard the USS Gambier Bay on October 25, 1944, the day the navy carrier came under intense enemy fire. Outnumbered and unable to escape, the courageous men defended their ship and one another not knowing whether or not any of them would make it home alive.

This Memorial Day, we honor the countless heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to answer our country’s call to arms. Please take a few minutes to watch our Memorial Day Tribute featuring Norman St. Germain, Seaman First Class, USS Gambier Bay who spent 47 hours in the shark-infested waters of Leyte Gulf after his ship was sunk during WWII.

Memorial Day 2013: WWII veterans share their stories  Published on May 22, 2013

Local WWII veterans share their stories from what they endured while serving overseas that helped them become the greatest generation.


Memorial Day Tribute Created By James Nagle (Final Version)

Uploaded on May 24, 2009

Dedicated to all the military: Past, Present, and Future. A little tribute I created for Memorial Day, enjoy.
Please excuse grammatical error toward the end of the tribute. “Lest We Never Forget…” Should properly read: “Lest We Forget” — I am aware of this error and apologize for its inconvenient placement.

Note – At 3:47 of the video – this is one of the WWII fighter aces, Gabby Gabreski who flew P-47’s  along with Robert  S.  Johnson.  Excerpt from Wikipedia: “Although best known for his credited destruction of 34½ aircraft in aerial combat and being one of only seven U.S. combat pilots to become an ace in two wars, Gabreski was also one of the Air Force’s most accomplished leaders. In addition to commanding two fighter squadrons, Gabreski had six command tours at group or wing level, including one in combat in Korea, totalling over 11 years of command and 15 overall in operational fighter assignments”.


One thought on “Memorial day 2013 – Freedom is not free

  1. Karen Evans

    As we remember not only our own veterans but the history of all who serve, we pay tribute to the monumental contribution provided by their commitment and sacrifice on our behalf. Their sense of duty continues to safeguard our present and sustain our future.


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