He Has Seen War (2011) Full Documentary

With all the books I have read concerning WW II; the personal accounts of fighter pilots on both sides, the foot soldiers, and the various campaigns, I nevertheless felt a deep sense of sadness when viewing this documentary.

They went to war as young boys, and returned as old men. They were taught how to be soldiers, but there was no “decompression chamber” (as stated in this documentary,) to help them return to civilian life.

This presentation, from HBO, reveals the difficulties returning veterans had upon returning home.  In many respects, they suffered as much as did the veteran returning from Vietnam.  Any surviving vet from this era is at least 88 years old; if you happen upon one, please offer your appreciation, and thanks.  “X”

Original site deleted from YT. this updated 6-26-17;

Posted by  TruthDocumentary  on May 3rd 2012

He Has Seen War is a documentary featuring surviving veterans of Easy Company and the 1st Marine Division, whose stories are told in Band of Brothers and The Pacific. From their initial steps at reintegrating into civilian life to the lasting impact the war had on each of their lives, He Has Seen War features veterans and their families relaying their own unique stories. Complemented by renowned historian and author Donald L. Miller, as well as rarely seen archival and documentary footage, it captures the struggle and ultimate triumph of a generation who, after helping rescue the world from unprecedented calamity, reclaimed their lives and re-forged a country.

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