The narrowest of escapes – Robert Johnson, of the 56th fighter group

Two years ago, as of June 19th, I posted a personal account of Lt Col. Robert S. Johnson, of the 56th fighter group, flying Republic P-47-B Thunderbolts.

Having been dressed down several times by his C.O., Johnson had said to a fellow pilot  “I’m getting sick of being low man on the colonel’s totem pole. Every time we get into a scrap with the Jerries, it seems I do the wrong thing and end up coming home alone. Well boy, not today.  I’m going to stick with Blue Flight all the way through.  I swear that if I separate from the flight, it won’t be voluntary.  The Krauts are going to have to shoot me out of formation.”

That was June 26th, 1943…

Updated 3-19-17  Original source removed from YT.  New video from lightsimmachinima

The video is from “Dogfights”.  The first part chronicles that day, when Johnson narrowly escaped being shot down.  This video differs greatly from Johnson’s personal account – link below.  How they identified the FW-190 pilot involved in this drama is unknown; Lt Col. Johnson, in his book, “Thunderbolt!” and in an interview before he died in 1998, gave no indication he ever tried to find out who the FW pilot was.

His personal account: Lt. Colonel Robert S. Johnson


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