World War II – Victory in the Pacific

The high price of Victory.

Updated third time. 5-20-17; original sources deleted.  This one, by American Experience may not cover the material as noted in the precious documentary.  “X”

Perhaps the most factual documentary I have found; the distinctive accent of a British narrator suggests this is a British documentary.  7000 Americans died to capture Iwo Jima; with many thousands more wounded.  It includes the actual flag raised on Mount Suribachi during this costly battle.

B-29 raids were first made possible by the capture of the Mariana Islands, again at a huge cost in lives.  Because of the unique weather patterns over Japan, high altitude bombing proved hopelessly inaccurate.  This caused an entire change of tactics; low level bombing, and the use of incendiary rather than high explosive bombs.

The Okinawa campaign, which cost us over 15,000 men; the first Kamikaze raids against our naval fleet, and the Manhattan Project.  Japanese fanaticism would make an invasion of the home islands so horrendous, (some 250,000 American casualties were anticipated) it was decided to use the Atomic Bomb.

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