Iwo Jima: From Combat to Comrades | Full Episode

From PBS – http://www.pbs.org/veterans/stories-of-service/stream-tv/a-to-z/iwo-jima/

More About the Film

The captivating film takes viewers back to 1945 when these men first met. 90,000 combatants on an 8-square mile island. A dot in the Pacific Ocean just 650 miles from Tokyo. 28,000 men died either defending or taking this rock. Now, in 2015, men who lost so much make the emotional pilgrimage back to face the defining moment of their lives.

The Reunion of Honor was founded by Lt. General Lawrence Snowden, USMC (Ret.) — so that veterans from both sides could return to Iwo Jima — this time in peace. Despite being wounded twice during brutal combat, Snowden has sought friendship with his former enemies since the war’s end.

Twenty-seven Medals of Honor were awarded on Iwo Jima — more than any other WWII battle. Only one recipient is still alive: Hershel “Woody” Williams.Over a four-hour period, alone in what the Marines called “The Killing Zone,” the Marine corporal single-handedly destroyed at least seven Japanese gun emplacements with his flamethrower. This was his first trip back in seven decades.

Army Air Corps P-51 fighter pilot Jerry Yellin absolutely hated the Japanese. He blamed them for killing 16 close friends during the war, for attacking Pearl Harbor and for the years he wanted to kill himself after the war. But then, his youngest son married the daughter of a former kamikaze pilot, and now Yellin has three half-Japanese grandchildren whom he cherishes. His is a story of war and transformation.








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