USS Bowfin – Balao class submarine, Her story

Courtesy of Weapon Documentaries Channel

Third Update 2-26-17; YouTube deleted original source channel.


Published on Jul 5, 2015  Apr 3, 2016   Nov 8,2015 on  2600 warwar YT channel

The submarine USS Bowfin made nine patrol runs during WWII, all packed with hair-raising adventures. In the course of sinking some 175,000 tons of Japanese shipping, the Bowfin faced an increasingly sophisticated Japanese anti-submarine campaign and endured vicious depth bomb and surface attacks. The boat aided guerrillas in the Philippines, hunted in wolfpacks, rescued downed flyers, and scourged the Japanese throughout the war under command of various colorful skippers. The Bowfin has been gorgeously restored and is berthed next to the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. This is her glorious story.  Below video, a tour of U.S.S. Bowfin:




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