Those devils in Baggy Pants – Ross Carter 82nd Airborne

Ross Carter

Ross S. Carter

Instead of just putting an image of his book in my sidebar,  I decided to make this post. Ross Carter’s personal account, which covers everything from their training in North Africa, to the Battle of the Bulge, will grab you by the throat and won’t let go.

I can still recall bits and pieces of his story, from a somewhat threadbare memory of that one read.  While in North Africa, during a training jump, an unfortunate soldier landed in a damn cactus, and was impaled.  He died from his injuries.  What a grisly memory to carry around…  It remains one of the most compelling accounts on the vicious battles, and horrors of war I could recommend.

I was further stunned to discover (via a bio on the book’s back cover) that having surviving all of this, he died of Cancer two years later.  Life can hand out very cruel blows.

Born   in Duffield, Virginia, The United States  January 09, 1919

Died   April 18, 1947

Genre      Biography

Ross S. Carter served with Company C, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division in World War II. He survived heavy combat in Sicily, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Among his many awards is the Silver Star. He wrote “Those Devils In Baggy Pants” shortly after the war ended. He died from Cancer in 1947 at the age of twenty-eight.

“Those Devils in Baggy Pants” is considered to be one of the finest World War II autobiographies ever published.

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5 thoughts on “Those devils in Baggy Pants – Ross Carter 82nd Airborne

  1. Kay Jessee

    I can see his last resting place from my front porch. Read his book at least 3 times, and I come away each time with a reverent awe of him and that Greatest Generation.

    1. David Ross Fraley

      Hi Kay….I’m Ross Carter’s cousin and am headed to Duffield next spring. I would love to stop by and say hello.
      David Ross Fraley


      I regret not answering you sooner; my penchant for anonymity on the web combined with the technology which has abrogated any semblance of privacy caused me to remain silent. Please do keep in touch. Thanks, “X”


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