Henschel 129 – Profile Publications

This image is one of four Profile Publications I purchased in my teens, and still have.  Containing only 15 pages, but packed with detailed information:  The aircraft’s history, development, variants, color profile pictures showing unit markings, theater of war/ the year(s) used, camouflage, specifications, and weaponry; along with many original black and white photos of the aircraft.

I have never found this aircraft documented, or acknowledged in any WW II accounts apart from  the Eastern front.


Attempts to provide any documentary footage from YouTube was a futile effort; the examples were either short German propaganda films, or a plethora of FKG “War Thunder” videos (gamers) no History Channel or other legitimate sources.  Relevant information on this aircraft found on Wikipedia: http://www.thefullwiki.org/Henschel_Hs_129

I reluctantly post this one example of the HS 129 from a model aircraft site, with the 37mm cannon in the under fuselage necelle; imagine the version with the 75mm artillery piece!:

This example courtesy of Wings Pallette – Use the link to view many more pics/info as would be found in a Profiles pamphlet:



Unit: 8./SchG 2
Serial: unknown

Aounnia, Tunisia, February 1943.

Artist: © Richard Ward
Source: “Henschel Hs.129” by J.R.Smith, Profile Publications Ltd, No.69

There is a site with detailed and accurate info on WW II aircraft; sadly, unlike Wings Pallette, they are like alpha dogs marking territory.  They won’t allow any reproduction in full or in part.  Jealous of their w.w.w. status I imagine, and unwilling to share.

Rather than link to their site, the following link to an ebay seller (I’M NOT advertising that site),  provides a disc containing  a collection of over 200 Profile Publications, for all interested in WW II aviation history:


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