Born on the Fourth of July – John Wayne Walding

I was made aware of this Green Beret via Joe Dan Media’s [Intellectual Froglegs] latest post on YT.  Among my web search results, the most recent  post:  Courtesy of 5 Toes Custom; founded by Mr. Walding.

 About John Wayne Walding

john-wayne-walding-3rd-sfgSFC (R) John Wayne Walding spent 12 years in the U. S. Army with 7 of those years being in 3rd Special Forces Group at Ft. Bragg NC. He has a beautiful wife Amy and four children Emma 10, Sam 9, Andie 4, and Hannah 1. He has combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his career at 3rd SFG he worked on ODA 396/3336 as A Special Forces Communications Sergeant and at the Sniper Detachment as a Sniper instructor. On April 6th 2008 during the battle of Shok Valley he was shot in his right leg resulting in becoming a below knee amputee. Post injury he attended Special Forces Sniper School and upon graduation became the first amputee to ever become a Green Beret sniper. His military school experience includes: Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, 3rd SFG Advance Sniper, Special Forces Qualification course, Airborne and Air assault.

John’s awards and badges include: Silver Star, Bronze star, Purple Heart, Combat infantry badge, Airborne air assault and the special forces tab. John participated in numerous battles during his deployments; most famous was the Battle of Shok Valley, which you can read about in the book “No Way Out: A Story of Valor in the Mountains of Afghanistan” by Mitch Weiss and Kevin Maurer.

About 5 Toes Custom



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