822nd Bomb Squadron “Black Panthers”


By Ssaco – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17385251

Uncertain whether this is one of the 822nd’s aircraft; but it is one of the B-25 variants they did use.

822nd B-25


Abandoned B-25J bomber of 822nd Bomb Squadron of 38th Bomb Group of US 5th Air Force, 25 Jan 1949 Photographer C. J. Taillie Source Tropenmuseum of the Netherlands Identification Code 10029512

Added By C. Peter Chen


Captain Albert L. Behrens of the 822nd Squadron. From the collection of Tom Behrens.








822nd Bomb Squadron “Black Panthers”


posted a personal account of Capt. Behrens, one of their pilots in the Pacific Theater; this excerpt from their page:

From the diary of Capt. Albert L. Behrens, a pilot in the 822nd Bomb Squadron. November 15, 1943

“I now had fallen out of formation and with the gas fumes in the plane, it was an extreme fire hazard and with 21 HE shells and four 500 pounders aboard, we would be dead ducks.

I told the crew to prepare to bail out and stand by. Pete was being well taken care of by now.  I found that my throttles were gone and the manifold pressure was at 35 inches. The props ran away.  I knew I had to land so I started to let down to Gusap and to my horror I saw it being bombed by the Nips. Fires were burning fiercely and one C47 was hit. I decided to try to get first aid anyway and prepared to land. I dropped my wheels but they only came out of the nacelles and hung there limply. We tried the auxiliary hand pump, but that was shot away too. We used the emergency system and that too was gone.”

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