The Few; A closer look at The Battle Of Britain

This comprises three documentaries; in depth personal accounts of those who served during the Battle of Britain.

Churchill’s Few, is of pilots who (at the time of the video) were surviving veterans; their poignant stories serve as a grim reminder that there is no glory in war, only raw courage, and self sacrifice; many carried visible marks as a testament to its brutality.

Another documentary, Bloody foreigners, is the story of 303 Squadron; the passionate hatred of all things German, was borne out by this Polish squadron’s number of kills which exceeded all other squadrons in the RAF.  Their sense of betrayal, when the “Big Three” carved up the map at war’s end, and gave Poland to the Russians cannot be underestimated.

“Spitfire Documentary 1976” belies the real story. It encompasses its designer, engineers, pilots, the “mixed bag” of factory workers who produced it, and the obstacles they overcame which threatened its development.  R. J. Mitchell, its designer, died in 1937 from Cancer; never to see what a massive contribution his creation made.

These give me pause; Other examples of man’s depravity, are on record in the accounts of slave labor by Japanese captors in constructing a railway toward India.  Only the sheer premeditated, and systematically designed mass murder camps by the Nazis was worse than the Japanese handed out.

Churchill’s Few

Bloody foreigners. Untold Battle of Britain.

Spitfire Documentary 1976


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