Combat Outpost Keating “‘The Outpost’ That Never Should Have Been”

As a preface to this most treasonous deed, foisted on troops who were about to come safely home by (omitted) armchair Generals, and a Government quite adept at aiding and abetting the enemy with their “rules of engagement”;  I ask you to please view a post I made Oct 16th, 2012 on Afghanistan, all the reasons why the U.S. should have gotten the hell out of the U.N. long ago, and told that globalist pack to fend for themselves. Afghanistan – Vietnam revisited

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‘The Outpost’ That Never Should Have Been

“They thought they were going home: ‘We have survived. We made it.

I only have two more days and then I’m going home. I will see my wife.

I will see my baby. I survived. I lived.’ … And all of a sudden word came in that their tours were extended three or four months. It was crushing … because they were convinced that this decision would mean somebody would lose their life who ultimately would not have.”

“One only need watch the movie, “Restrepo,” named after the first medic to lose his life in the cinema veritas format, meaning actual footage of actual combat, no actors; those that die actually die and never return home with the exception of being in a flag draped coffin.” 

Reposted in part from JCscuba –  Learn much more about the tragic event HERE

           On the particulars of the attack on Combat Outpost Keating on Oct. 3, 2009

“It’s a nightmare, and it’s one that I hear about from these soldiers to this day. A lot of them are still grappling with the terror of that day, but … you’re in this camp you’ve always known has been vulnerable. It’s so vulnerable that even to go outside to go to the bathroom you have to put on your gear because you might be shot, and all of a sudden you look up and there are so many muzzle flashes and explosions and smoke coming from the hills aimed at you that, to return fire, you wouldn’t even know where to start. The ground is crackling like popcorn with bullets. Eventually the camp catches on fire from the rocket-propelled grenades and mortars coming in. … It is one of the most well-planned and carefully choreographed attacks in the history of the Afghan war. People in this country think of Taliban as cavemen from a previous century, but whatever you think of their ideology, these are fierce and smart fighters.”


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