Operation Jericho documentary – Martin Shaw / Narrow Escapes… The Amiens Raid

In 1944 an air raid was conducted on a German prison to free French resistance fighters slated for execution.  The operation was planned to blow open the prison walls, and bomb the guards quarters while they were at lunch, all without killing any of the prisoners they hoped to give a chance to escape.

…War is cruel, I mean aaah, It’s difficult to take but, it had to, it had to be done.  Men, women that had helped escaping aircrews, prisoners of war escaping; people who’d done a helluva lot for us, and we’d found out they preferred to die by British bombs rather than German bullets”  Maxwell Sparks, former Mosquito pilot.

Narrow Escapes of World War II [Volume 1 Part 1/5] – The Amiens Raid

This account tells a different story; even the role of Air Vice Marshal Basil Embry, who was forbidden to fly the mission because of  information he knew about other planned Allied operations.  Includes rare footage of the  FW-190 “Butcher Bird”, and Hawker Typhoon fighters, as well as the Mosquito bombers.

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