Operation Mincemeat – Hatched by Ian Fleming

“Three years earlier, Fleming had worked on a list of fifty-one suggestions for deceiving the enemy.  Including schemes too outlandish even for 007.  Number 28 on the list, was headed “A SUGGESTION  (not a very nice one)”…”

His name kept secret over fifty years – Glyndwr Michael  “The Man Who Never Was”

Operation Mincemeat – WWII deception prior to invading Italy

Mincemeat helped to convince the German high command that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia in 1943 instead of Sicily, the actual objective.  This was accomplished by persuading the Germans that they had, by accident, intercepted “top secret” documents giving details of Allied war plans.  The documents were attached to a corpse deliberately left to wash up on a beach in Punta Umbría in Spain.



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