Merrill’s Marauders Documentary

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Published on May 24, 2015

World War II Secrets – Merrill’s Marauders Documentary

Merrill’s Marauders (named after Frank Merrill) or Unit Galahad, formally named the 5307th Compound Device (Provisional), was a United States Army lengthy variety penetration special operations jungle warfare system, which battled in the South-East Asian theatre of The second world war, or China-Burma-India Movie theater (CBI). The system arrived for its deep-penetration goals behind Japanese lines, usually involving Japanese forces superior in number.      RELATED – From PublicResourceOrg  (YouTube):

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2010

1944 ARC Identifier 603003 / Local Identifier 200-QUAID-2. This film covers the secret campaign, under General Frank D. Merrill, to reopen the Burma Road behind enemy lines during World War II. The film was photographed and produced by David L. Quaid. Created by Quaid, David L. Made possible by a donation from Jim Schrempp


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