The 510th Fighter Squadron

In an earlier post, (Veteran Tales Charlie Mohrle P-47 Pilot) Mohrle recounts an attempt with two other pilots, to warn off civilians approaching a crashed P-47 in their town, Christchurch, near the squadron’s airfield.  Very near the crash site, one of the bombs it was carrying cooked off; the man on Mohrle’s left, just an arms length away, had a piece of shrapnel go right through him, and was killed instantly. The man on his right, had a piece of his ear clipped off by more shrapnel.  That man was Lt. John Drummond, later to become Senator John Drummond.

Originally, I was unable to find anything on Drummond’s service as a P-47 pilot in YouTube.  After another search, an unlikely link revealed the fighter group these men belonged to; I was then able to locate footage of the 510th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force (Europe 1944).  At 1:30 into the video, you will see Lt. John Drummond, posing on the wing of his P-47 “Raid Hot Mama”.  The second video shows Mohrle; strangely, posing in front of a Bell P-39 Airacobra.  At 17:55 you do get to see him posing in front of his ’47 “Touch of Texas”.   Drummond is also shown at 2:50 in this video.


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