Battle of Peleliu – E. B. “Sledgehammer” Sledge

Battle of Peleliu Eugene Sledgehammer (Sledge)

Below is an audio book video; below that, is a link for the complete series of 10 discs; the substance of E.B. Sledge’s book “With the Old Breed”.   Umurbrogol Mountain would become known as Bloody Nose Ridge; Rising 300 feet above the surrounding terrain, the rest of Pelileau was solid coral, making it impossible to dig foxholes for protection from heavily fortified bunkers, caves and underground positions all interlocked into a “honeycomb” system. They were so well camouflaged; it was hard to pinpoint them even with field glasses.  Marine casualties were higher than in any other campaign of the war.

Part five of this audio book, takes place after the 1st division’s terrible losses during the first two weeks of fighting that would last a month on Pelileau.  Faced with the grievous losses of their fellow Marines, and the brutal nature of the Japanese, Sledge relates the brutality of the war itself; described in gruesome detail.

Published on Nov 15, 2015     E.B. Sledge – With the Old Breed Disk 5

 Audio book From YouTube channel Chicago Piano –


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