Freedom is not free… WW II Documentary

WW II in HD covers the personal accounts of twelve individuals throughout WW II including Jack Werner, and Shelby Westbrook.  Whom you say? From The Hollywood Reporter, dated 7/18/2011 by Mike Barnes:

“Jack C. Werner, a war hero and the father of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution president Ken Werner, died July 17 at the Encino home of his son. He was 93.

A native of Vienna, Werner escaped the Nazi takeover of Austria by walking over the Alps into Switzerland, then made his way to Paris and eventually New York in May 1939.

Werner enlisted in the U.S. Army in January 1941 in Los Angeles. He served in the 7th Infantry Division, 13th Combat Engineers of the H and S Company, receiving promotion from private to first sergeant. He participated in four major campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations: in Attu in May 1943; Kwajalein in February 1944; the initial invasion of Leyte Island in the Philippines; and, finally, in the first of three waves of the American forces invasion of Okinawa.

Werner was wounded during a counterattack by the Japanese in May 1945, evacuated home, discharged from the army on V-J Day in 1945 and awarded four battle stars, a Purple Heart and a Presidential Unit Citation.”         His complete obituary HERE

Shelby Westbrook was a Tuskegee Airman. [Useful information on these airmen not properly covered elsewhere is HERE .  His account is in episode seven of this series.

10-7-17    PLEASE notify me if the channel become inactive.

(the video pane will become blank instead of showing “WW II in HD” w/ an image)

I had to search several channels to obtain all episodes; # 4 was difficult to find [“copyright” which blocked several channels.]  Others had to be embedded instead of using the URL due to a weird fluke which would not show the appropriate part, substituting one on d-day.   My last update was 8-12-16.




5 thoughts on “Freedom is not free… WW II Documentary


      Thanks for the reblog. You might note as of 8-12, I had to recover the material, the original source channel was deleted by YouTube; one other channel had the same videos but in a different format. There is an additional video of the history, without the personal accounts I included.

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  2. upaces88

    My uncle served under George Patton. He was a Paratrooper.

    Did you know that there were German Prisoners here in the U.S.?
    There was a camp in Oklahoma. My Dad was one of the guards.


      There were many POW camps; worse, those maggots were treated better than black servicemen. One was in my home state. A brief account of this (different from a DVD I have on great escapes in WW II) is here:

      When making their escape, the Kreigsmarine (U-Boat) prisoners didn’t realize that the Gila River was a dry riverbed.
      This is rather abbreviated. Several holed up in a sort of cave and for awhile smuggled out supplies from the camp. They were all later captured. The DVD is worth obtaining; the title is The Great Escapes of WW II, from the History Channel. A series called collectors choice, an insert from the case shows the Catalogue number as #AAE-70289.
      Here is another video from YTube:


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