The last six seconds of their lives

Courtesy of JCscuba; I added the video immediately below.  Use the red link to view entire post.

There is nothing I can possible to add to this with the exception don’t miss the speechs below.

On Sat. November 13, 2014, at the Hyatt Under the Arch in St Louis, MO, Lt. Gen John Kelly delivered a speech to a packed house that would be become one of the most memorable moments in the lives of everyone in the room.

marine-emblemJust 4 days after his son, 1st LT.  Robert Kelly, was killed in action in Afghanistan, General Kelly came to St. Louis to address the crowd gathered there to celebrate the birth of the United States Marine Corps.


Five years ago, two Marines from two different walks of life who had literally just met were told to stand guard in front of their outpost’s entry control point.

Minutes later, they were staring down a big blue truck packed with explosives.

With this particular shred of hell bearing down on them, they stood their ground.

Heck, they even leaned in.


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