Veteran Stories – Hawker Typhoon pilot Frank Johnson

Thanks to The Memory Project

From Hawker Typhoon pilot, Frank Chalmers Johnson, who served in the ETO.  The red link below is the source for his complete transcript.

Frank Johnson, holding a model of “his” aircraft, RB396. He is still with us, and we are talking to him…


But what bugs me most now and this is a thing that it plagues me, it really plagues me now when I think about all the destruction that I did and the people that I know that I had killed through my activities [as a Hawker Typhoon pilot, a single-seat fighter-bomber aircraft]. And that bothers the hell out of me. It bothers me so much that it even wakes me up at night thinking about it.

I got shot down [on] March the 30th, 1945. And I crashed my head, my forehead crashed up against the ring site, you won’t know what that is but the ring site, that’s supposed to have a sponge rubber flange around the edge of it so that if you did hit your head on it, you wouldn’t get hurt. But I cracked my head on it and really split it open.

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