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The Hornets Nest

The Hornets Nest

The documentary film describes the carnage and chaos which become a part of the daily lives and the deaths of American soldiers during the Afghanistan war under eyes of 2 journalists: a father Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos Boettcher. The three-day mission extends to 9 days, reflecting severity of the American longest war.

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Thunderbolt – Missions in the ETO

One of a kind; includes an introduction by Jimmy Stewart, and rare color footage of Thunderbolts operating out of Corsica, flying missions into Italy.

Uploaded on YTube May 13, 2010

A documentary on the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft and its use in missions over Europe in the Second World War.  Release date 1947

Features Jimmy Stewart;  Directed by Wiliam Wyler  Writer John Sturges

The odds great, The margin small, The stakes- infinite. Winston Churchill

Symbol in the smoke: Herbert Mason’s iconic photograph of St Paul’s dome emerging from the smoke of raging fires in surrounding streets.

Another perspective of the Battle of Britain.  Intelligence errors which cost the Luftwaffe its edge; their failure to recognize the strategic value of British radar sites, the clever air defense tactics of fighter command, and costly errors committed by both sides.

“Of course I’m mad… I’ve always been mad… Like most of us are…”

Speak to me  On the lead in grooves to “Breathe”  Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon:

“I’ve been mad for f*****g years, absolutely years, been
over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands…”

“I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad, like most of us are…very hard to explain why you’re mad, even if you’re not mad…”

Well, I’m not mad; though the world might well be certifiable.

From Documentary

“In 2013, a Texas based company produced the first ever precision-guided firearm, a sniper that is essentially a long-range, laser guided robot rifle.

The rifle allows the bearer “skill free killing”. And it is available to anyone that can afford it. You can strike something from a ¾ of a mile away.

The technology is advanced to the point that beginners can kill someone at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy. They call it, the gun of tomorrow.”

I recently made a post about attacks on the second amendment, and the responsibility of gun ownership.   In my opinion there is no justification for this technology, except exclusively for the military.  Now, any guy off the street (with a clean record) could buy one of these…

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WW II Aircraft of Japan – Documentary

A fair number of us know about several Axis “super-weapons”, which fortunately, were not employed in time to affect the outcome in WW II.  However, the Japanese were planning on developing some of the same weapons as those in the German arsenal, and those of their own.

Updated 3-25-17

From YT channel History of Wars: